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news from the webmaster

Jan 8 2007:

Site redesign deployed. Old layout is still available for those who prefer.

Dec 28 2006:

vote for Josie in askmen.com's annual top 99 list!

Dec 22 2006: Subforums created, DVDs section complete!

Subforums categories are based on JosieFreaks and Loe's forum. Will try to import old threads soon.

DVDs section of the site is completed.

Dec 12 2006: Forums open!

With the support of Loe, Maranix, and BogarFX, I have decided to open the forum :)

Dec 6 2006: Jenna Jameson Wiki also corrected

Someone pointed out to me that the rumour was in Jenna Jameson's wiki too, so I removed it.

Dec 6 2006: Calling Josie_Addict and other Josie Freaks

Still trying to figure out a forum solution - Active forums with Josie content are all subforums or threads of other forums. forum.JosieMaran-World.com exists and works but has no existing members, so I won't use it if it means further splitting of the existing community. Josie_Addict, if you're out there, please contact me so we can resurrect Josie Freaks forums.

Dec 5 2006: JosieMaran-World.com

What is likely to be our definitive domain, JosieMaran-World.com is suggested by Uncle Mike, registered and bought by shiyan. Work continues on the site.

Dec 2 2006: Josie Wiki corrected

Source of slanderous rumor about Josie mentioning Jenna Jameson is found, sentence removed from Josie's wiki.

site update history

to do list

- search function needs to be made
- "clutter" folder needs to be sorted

Jan 8 2008:

Site redesign deployed. Old layout is still available for those who prefer.

Jan 4 2007:

MJM section made functional again, with most pages restored after MJM specific elements were removed.

Jan 3 2007:

updates to high-res Candids: Mr. Chow's (new page), Entertainment Tonight (new page), Little Black Book Premiere

updates to new-photos Candids: GQ event (new page)

Jan 1 2007:

a little good news - all galleries except for yearbook restored

Dec 31 2006:

very bad news - HTML pages of josie-maran.com removed

Dec 30 2006:

bad news - a few gallery removed

Dec 29 2006:

new pictures - Steve Bigler page updated with 1 new picture.

Dec 28 2006:

Index page updated with the picture count and size of each site section.

Dec 26 2006:

High-res SpikeTV page updated with 5 new pictures thanks to slea

Dec 22 2006:

updated zip files uploaded: high-res section as of Dec 22, only for those who downloaded the zip from October 30: updates to the high-res section from October 30 to December 22; new pictures section as of Dec 22

updates to new pictures section, Candids: Need For Speed Most Wanted Launch Event;

Shoots: first professional cover shoot - Glamour June 1998

updates to high-res section, Candids: unknown event (new page), Van Helsing - Fortress Dracula, Van Helsing - LA Premiere;

Magazines: Esquire, Covers ;    Shoots: Little Black Book, Bebe

clips from Josie's movies added to DVDs page - The Mallory Effect, The Gravedancers, David Blaine - Showman

fixed a bunch of links

Dec 21 2006:

clips from Josie's movies added to DVDs page - The Aviator, Van Helsing, Little Black Book

Dec 19 2006:

Bebe-Scent commercial added to videos page

new Sisley .gif (9) added to .gifs page

Dec 16 2006:

sitemap made! :D

high-res "shoots" pages edited to add text links

Dec 13 2006:

high-res Spike TV page updated - 4 new pictures, 5 higher quality pictures

high-res Aviator CA page updated - 4 new pictures

high-res Golden Globes page updated - 3 new pictures

high-res Marie Claire page updated - 5 higher quality scans

Dec 12 2006:

.zip file of new pictures uploaded, individual pages in the high-res section (candids, magazines) edited

Dec 11 2006:

new-photos section updated, wallpapers section edited, gifs section edited

Dec 8 2006:

.zip file of updates since October 30 to the high-resolution section posted.

high-res Covers page updated

Dec 2 2006:

josie.iconrate.net archive uploaded

November 30th 2006:

DVDs section created.

November 27th 2006:

Videos page created.

October 31st 2006:

New pictures gallery created.

October 30th 2006:

High resolution gallery created. .zip file of the section is posted

October 27th 2006:

Archive of Josie-Maran.com uploaded and errors fixed. - missing some pictures in the wire-image section

April 10th 2006:

shiyan puts some of his Josie archive online under shiyanthegreat.com/josie