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Josie Maran World is a creation of shiyan, online since September 2006, aiming to be the one stop central for fans of the beautiful actress and model Josie Maran.

It was created because a high quality Josie Maran dedicated website-with-forum has not existed for some time.

It is the most comprehensive Josie Maran fansite online. (Oh my... am I humble or what?! LOL)

This site would not have been possible had some other sites not existed, so many thanks to the providers of all the content on this site, in particular:

- Webmasters of, Josie Maran Web Mafia (and others)

- Webmaster of Josie Freaks, Josie_Addict. Webmaster of, hollow.

- Scanners who contributed to, such as Nine. Other scanners whose pictures I use: Tux, digiuser, nerble.

- Forum members who posted new Josie content, at: chilax, bellazon, world fashion tour, team Fansub, hqparadise,,

Thanks must also go to Josie herself, of course.

A little history

From 2001 till closure in September 2004, the place to be for Josie Maran fans was and its forum, Josie Maran Web Mafia Forum.

After their closure, Josie Maran fans mostly moved to's Josie subforum.

When closed, some of the remaining fans moved to (and created?) bellazon and wft forums.

Around that time, Hollow made a nice site dedicated to Josie with updated content, and Josie Freaks Forums was created by Josie_Addict.

Unfortunately these have dissapeared too. Since then the remaining fans moved back to bellazon, wft and other corners of the internet.

A high quality Josie Maran dedicated website-with-forum has not existed since then... and so this site was created.

A little self promotion

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Feb 7, 2007

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The boring stuff

Josie Maran World - Terms of Service
Current as of January 2007


The web site "Josie Maran World" is for harmless entertainment purposes only and everyone may browse this entire web site completely free of charge.


All images and motion picture files contained within are the exclusive property of their respective owners. Everything published within is for display purposes only and is presented here free of charge. Everything within is copyrighted by respective owners and is not public domain.

All motion picture files contain footage that was transferred from another medium and reproduced into Internet movie files for free presentation here. All original footage is not owned by this web site and all the Internet movies are not to ever be sold.

All images of Josie Maran, motion picture files of Josie Maran, and all other products presented within this web site are absolutely not to be distributed in any form for profit. All motion picture files must be downloaded directly from our web site only. We do not offer distribution in any other form other than downloading directly from our web site. Nothing from this web site is to be sold for any kind of financial or trade gain whatsoever. This distribution policy includes and prohibits online auctions (i.e. eBay) and/or redistribution for profit on CD or DVD media of any or all files within this web site. Any profitable distribution is strictly prohibited and would be serious violation of domestic and international copyright laws.


All registered and non-registered trademarks belong to their respective owners. This web site is not directly affiliated with any company mentioned within. We are not selling anything here.


Any information about Josie Maran collected through this web site may be true, false, or no longer applies at the present time. Only factual information is intended to be published here always.


All sensitive personal data (i.e. home and email addresses, phone numbers, identities of loved ones or significant other) of Josie Maran herself shall not be revealed here. Do not request for any sensitive personal information of Josie Maran, all such requests will be declined or ignored. This web site respects the personal privacy of Josie Maran and will not violate it. This web site will only disclose information that Josie Maran herself has chosen to release publicly.


Anyone may submit Josie Maran material (i.e. new images, multimedia, info) at any time to us. If your submission is published here, you will receive full public credit, especially if your submission is your own work of art or production. If you wish to submit images or information, please send it via email. There is no need to ask us first when it comes to images or information only, just go ahead and send it. However, if you wish to submit an Internet movie file, please do not send it through email. Ask us first via email and you will be sent instructions on how to directly upload movie files to our server via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). We will not accept movie files through email. Submissions of certain creative works (i.e. wallpapers, drawings) to the Fans section must only be submitted by the original producer of such creative work. We will not accept your submission for the Fans section if you are not the original producer of such creative work, let the original producer send it to us on their own. The MJM web site reserves the full right to deny any submission for any reason.


This web site does not condone or distribute spam in any form or fashion. In almost all cases, we will not send email to anyone who visits this web site unless we are contacted first and a form of reply is requested by the sender. We ask visitors to please sign our guestbook only one time and if you wish to participate in our forum, please only register one account and not more than one. We have zero tolerance for spam and it is absolutely not allowed in this community.

Bandwidth Theft

Direct linking to any image and/or motion picture files hosted on this website, larger than 100kb in size, from within your or another person's web site or page(s), known as "hotlinking", is strictly prohibited. Please do not hotlink or remotely link to any of our files that is larger than 100kb in size.


All files within this entire web site are distributed "as is". We cannot in any way guarantee that any file you download from here will be compatible for viewing or working properly on your computer. We cannot claim any responsibility for any incompatibility issues that may arise. We also cannot claim any responsibility for any problems created with your computer system and/or network as a result of downloading from this web site. We offer no support for any files distributed here. Download at your own risk.

Virus Checking

Before any file is uploaded to our server, each and every file is thoroughly scanned and checked for viruses using high quality antivirus software and the latest virus definitions. We also scan and check every incoming file for viruses that people send to us via email.


In general, this web site may link to other web sites. We will never link to pornographic or illegal sites. If we place a permanent link to your site within ours, you agree to permanently link back to us. Although not necessary, please provide us with a banner or button image of your site and we will provide our banner to you as well. This web site reserves the full right not to link to any web site or page

If you notice any errors, have any comments or complaints, have Josie media to share, or if you are the creator of any content on this site and would like recognition, please send me an email to: shiyanthegreat (at)

If you would like to donate to this site's operation costs, my paypal address is shiyanthegreat (at)

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