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Full Version: Shi went on a date, lol
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I'll admit, it's been a while embarasseddance.gif

details for those who care:

girl uses my lap as armrest at birthday party last Friday (11th), I didn't ask for her number because I'm an idiot (there was another girl there that my parents once tried to set me up with (she forced me to sing kareoke squint.gif ), didn't want to hurt her feelings by asking out another girl right in front of her face greddy.gif )

got cute girl's # from the birthday girl Saturday night (19th) - sucked that I had to get her number this way

called yesterday afternoon at 4, went out at 10pm when she got off her student job - at first we'd set a date for the following weekend, but I remembered her telling me that she's going to a friend's wedding in China the week following, so I called back and got her to agree to meet me last night kekekegay.gif

date went well even though we were both kinda tired

I think she's cute redface.gif

there was nowhere to buy flowers (Sunday) but I managed to find a cherry blossom tree to steal some flowers from kekekegay.gif

I suggested going bowling and scouted out a bowling alley beforehand but she said she was too tired after working at the restaurant the whole day

I suggested ice cream at another location I checked out beforehand but she said it was too late to eat icecream

she suggested drinks at a cafe near her place so I just went along

I decided to get something non alcoholic because I had a long drive home and she decided to get whatever I got

the 2 hours went by pretty fast redface.gif

someone on another forum posted this ohnoes.gif
careful son, you better get to kissin' and banging soon or you will be friend-zoned. 2 hrs of talking is approaching friend-zoned status. I should know from past experiences happysad.gif
the guy from the other forum can be right, but mustn't. some girls like it if you come to the point fast but other girls like it if you try hart to get her and conquest her heart slowly. which kind she is, you should know the best wink.gif
much luck with her biggthumpup.gif have fun naughty.gif

i wish you the best of luck.

udpate: bad news... apparently I made her feel like Cinderella... in a bad way, because I was honest about some of the things I did in my spare time - bowling, squash, karting

she's a working student without much free time, and I guess I didn't think about not mentioning all my hobbies when she asked about them


also... Chinese dating customs are waaaaaaaaaay weird, found out about them after the date, I pretty much did everything wrong - you're supposed to hide your attraction on a first date and act like regular friends
Uncle Mike
Well, that sucks! Any chance you can get a second chance? She is cute. D.gif
2nd date should be possible... when she gets back next week. We'll see... redface.gif
Uncle Mike
Good news, my friend. Best wishes for your next date. Hope to see more pics of that sweetie. wink.gif
congrats shiyan.
i hope things go well with her

hopefully she'll see the wonderful person that you are.

keep it up -

(p.s - im also of asian decent, dating customs are a bit awkward in my culture as well, however i will tell you that in each and every situation, there lies difference and if it clicks. then customs dont matter)

keep us informed!
2nd date was a success - a lot of fun and the 7 hours passed by in a flash eek5.gif

3rd and 4th dates have already been planned eek3.gif
Uncle Mike
Thanks for the update. That's good news. What's her name? D.gif
QUOTE (Uncle Mike @ May 8 2008, 05:33 AM) *
Thanks for the update. That's good news. What's her name? D.gif

her name is quite funny (if you read it as English) - Wanting mamoru2.gif
Good news Shiyan - wish you a good time with Wanting wiggle.gif
Uncle Mike
Maybe she told you that, cause she's "Wanting" you! kekekegay.gif

Is Wanting her real name, or is it Wan Ting? wink.gif
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