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Devoted 2 Goddess Josie
As a survey, what would you do (one of the first things) if you were to meet Josie Maran?
I will kiss her and then I will start to look at her until I die!
Politely say hi, introduce myself as a fan. I'm sure she's had enough of people going nuts over her.
I would take a picture with her!!
Acutally I'd take many many many pictures with her haha
and well, I'd probably post them here D.gif
where is she now by the way?
she is with me D.gif laugh.gif
Take a picture with her and chat for as long as I can.
QUOTE(bond @ Mar 5 2006, 02:32 PM)
she is with me D.gif  laugh.gif

that's nice're one hellave lucky guy
could you introduce us to her? please? pretty please? D.gif
Bow, put my hand to my heart and declare my undying fealty.
QUOTE(josierocks @ Mar 5 2006, 11:19 AM)
I would take a picture with her!!

Yes, I think, that I also want to do. Then I try to talk with her some time and pleased her for an autograph with personal dedication.

I would say hi and propose to her. rolleyes.gif
I won't do anything, i'm just a cute boy, she would hit on me:P
If I met Josie, she would be absolutely overwhelmed of me and before I can say a word, she's kissing me wiggle.gif
Moreover I'm sure she would decide to live in Hamburg D.gif

Has anyone of you ever met her?
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